10 of the most spectacular sea forts

First sea fort appeared in the Victorian era to lead the defense in wartime. Now most of them have already lost their original purpose and are used for completely different purposes, the most common of which – the tourist. The extraordinary greatness and beauty of sea fortresses attracted many travelers who want to get acquainted with ancient military objectives. And see there really is something to …

1. Fort Jefferson (Florida, USA)



Abandoned 19th century fortress located on the island of Garden Key in the Gulf of Mexico, is currently a popular tourist attraction. Built in 1822, this naval base helps to fight with the pirates, hunted in the Caribbean.

2. Marine forts Mansell (UK) 2 (1)


These impressive facilities built at the mouth of the River Thames during the Second World War. Throughout its existence, they have amassed an impressive and interesting events in the story, for example, was once the site of pirate radio stations were located, and it marked the beginning of the emergence of a small state Sealand and more.

3. Fort No Man’s Land Fort3


he island fortress, located not far from Portsmouth, was built between the years 1861-1880, to protect British possessions from the French troops.