17 Cleaning Gadgets That Will Do The Dirty Work For You


Nobody likes to clean: it’s hard, time consuming work that limits the time I could be doing other things, like sleeping. Thankfully, scientists keep us lazy people in mind when designing cleaning tools that basically do all the dirty work for us. It’s times like these that make me marvel at the world we live in, how far science has come to ensure that I can clean my house and still stay in bed and watch Netflix all day.

1. Scrub make-up brushes with the BrushEgg. Make-up brushes can trap germs and bacteria and need to be cleaned regularly. 89d79738-b2d3-4b95-9510-853edcb18d56

2. Clean cutlery with this handy contraption.  2e4fb5f1-193e-4dcf-a740-24faaea4896e

3. Freshen up your kicks. This mesh panel hangs inside a dryer door to clean smelly sneaks.


4. Suck up crumbs the simple way with the Eye Vac. Just brush dust towards the machine and it will take it from there.


5. A dustpan that will brush broom bristles.


6. Never have a clogged drain again. This plug will trap hair so you can pull it out easily.


7. A UV vacuum to make sure bed bugs bite the dust.