American made stunning pictures of Saint Petersburg. So this city you’ve never seen!


Snimkm American photographer Amos Cheppla made in St. Petersburg, have one small feature that sets them apart from all other photos taken in the same city. The fact that the implementation of his ideas, Amos used a technical device, the robot drone, which is able to climb quite high altitudes. And the images taken in this way, he suddenly found a completely new features to see that the ground is impossible.

1. Impressive pictures Church of the Savior on Blood


2. Alexander Column and the angel on the top of a granite 2

3. The rising sun illuminates the pavilion “Hermitage”3

4. Vintage Peter and Paul Fortress in the winter4!

5. Falling Leaves in the Summer Garden4

6. Mikhailovsky Castle Paul I5

7. The stunning beauty of the Peter and Paul Cathedral, Peterhof66.1 (1)

8. Grand Palace in Peterhof7

9. St. Isaac’s Cathedral, which was built during the long 40 years8

10. Smolny Convent, formerly served as a place of learning noble daughters9