The biggest in Russia…

After a terrible accident in 2009 was six years old, a year ago, then we finished the restoration works, now there is a repair and decoration.

I propose to go through the power plant with a guided tour, to assess the amount of work done and once again marvel at the scale of Russia’s biggest hydroelectric complex.

From the airport to the village of Cheryomushki Abakan, near which in 1963 began to build SSHHPP, a half hour drive.
After Sayanogorsk machine becomes noticeably less road ends near the hydroelectric power station, and then you can only get to the crest of the dam on the special permit.



From Cheryomushky, where most employees of the plant, to SSHHPP free shuttle tram leaves every hour.

The journey along the banks of the Yenisei takes about 15 minutes, the distance from the end stations – less than six kilometers.

Tram rides straight to the entrance. It’s all serious – and armored boxanti-tank.

After the terrorist attack on the Baksan hydroelectric power station in Kabardino-Balkaria, the protection of objects of “RusHydro”, has been strengthened.



After serious examination of how the airport, go through the territory of the power plant.

The scale is quite difficult to play, but the man on the background of a concrete wall would have looked difficult-pixel.

SSHHPP installed capacity – 6400 MW, average annual production – 23.5 billion kWh of electricity.

Pressure front of the power plant forms a concrete arch-gravity dam – unique in size and complexity of the construction of hydraulic structures.

The design of high-pressure arch-gravity dam has no analogues in the world and domestic practice.



The chapel was opened at the foot of SSHHPP the first anniversary of the accident.

I recall that there was a man-made disaster in the engine room 17 August 2009. The destruction of hydro unit number 2 spewed water out of the crater of the turbine. The flow of water has been filled in the machine room, the force damaged, accessories, building construction building collapsed machine hall. All ten hydroelectric units are out of order. Killed 75 people.



The original fountain-ball logo “RusHydro”, from which flow dozens of streams of water symbolizing the hydroelectric and flowing on the map of Russia.


The first step is going to the brain power plant – control room.

Fully electronic scoreboard to replace the equipment, it was great, and an iron with a bunch of windows, sensors and arrows.
On the one hand the time in Moscow, the other by the local Krasnoyarsk.

Monitor the status of the dam of Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station – a continuous process.


Hence it is monitoring the Mainskaya HPP, which is located twenty kilometers downstream and serves kontrreguliruyuschey station. SSHHPP is thus ostropikovoy.

All received the results of instrumental and visual observation of the technical information comes managers station. And they are the results of analysis of the information sent their wishes to the government agency regulates the water level in the reservoirs – Rosvodresursy. The advantage of this work lies in the efficiency and integrated control ensures the operational reliability of the dam.



From the window of the control room good view of the hydroelectric power plant.

The height of the buildings is 245 m, the length of the ridge – 1074.4 m, the width of the base – 105.7 m and crest – 25 m. In the plan it has the form of circular arch radius of 600 m with a central angle of 102 degrees.

SSHHPP dam is the highest in Russia and the 13th tallest in the world. While the Chinese are not built near their dams, we are among the top five …



The engine room has 10 hydroelectric power hydroelectric generators at 640 MW Francis turbines. Current head of 194 meters, the maximum static pressure – 220 m.



Ceiling height in the engine room of 25 meters, when the accident everything was filled with water up to the level balcony. A few people survived, holding on to the top of the beam, and a few have been found in the lower areas, where he created a small airbag …