The sad story of one of the most luxurious hotels in Sharm El Sheikh


The history of this hotel starts very romantic. Local millionaire Rauf gave it to his beloved wife, an American. The woman was the mistress of a truly magnificent place called Raouf Hotels with a dozen swimming pools, a casino, restaurants and clubs. As an artist, she is wonderfully decorated hotel, decorated the walls of his paintings and stunning huge embroideries.

At first, things went very well, but over time all went wrong: there were fewer guests, the hotel was empty. At some point, it just left.

Today, he is a very inhospitable, desolate place, which gives the impression of a ruined ghost paradise, forgotten. The amazing thing is that all the elements of interior and expensive things and stay there, where they were when the hotel was still working. In some areas, even the light is, and restaurants on the tables are laid out instruments and glasses. Furniture and decorations are intact.

For some mysterious reason people bypass the tenth expensive hotel without touching to anything that is here.

It seems that in some parallel world is still full of life.

Once the beaches were crowded here.


The hotel was surrounded by the magnificent pools.

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He found and studied Russian blogger. “The sight of a terrible, walking like Chernobyl” – he writes.


Until now, in some places it is a light.




Chinese restaurant.


This is a restaurant inside.


Someone has done a secret hole in the main building.