The ultimate diver’s paradise! The incredible resort that’s perched on a rock in pristine Caribbean waters (arrival by helicopter recommended)

There are only two ways to arrive at this stunning resort – by boat or helicopter.

It sits on a rock in the Caribbean and is surrounded by water on all sides – but there’s a helipad for anyone who wants to arrive in dramatic style.

And Villa on Dunbar Rock, despite the proximity of the sea, throws in an infinity pool for its guests anyway. There’s also a private beach and eight suites.

With the sea literally at your doorstep, the rock provides handy access for those keen to explore under the surface of the idyllic marine area.

The incredible Villa on Dunbar Rock is nestled in the Caribbean and is completely surrounded by pristine waters


The peculiar rock retreat is located off the north coast of Honduras – and comes with a stunning infinity pool


Arrive by helicopter or by boat, and enjoy incredible views of the turquoise ocean and stunning reef that surrounds the rock
The resort is spread over four floor and boasts 15,000 square feet of bedroom and living space, including plenty of sunbathing areas
Forget battling with other holidaymakers for space on the beach, the rock villa comes with its own private stretch of golden sand
The secluded ocean villa is located off the island of Guanaja, around 44 miles from mainland Honduras